Dichotomy of Clean

On my quest for clean, I talk to a lot of people about what a clean home is and how to go about getting one. Most people fall into one of four two mindsets when it comes to cleanliness:

  1. Getting/keeping my home clean is too hard.
  2. I work hard to keep my home clean.
  3. Cleaning comes naturally and easily.
  4. My home is a mess because I don’t care.

“A Clean Home is Too Hard/Too Much Work”

Some people feel their lack of training, detrimental circumstances (kids, lack of finances or time, etc.), or a bad start create an insurmountable mess.

Some homes are impractically organized and inefficient to upkeep, requiring extra work to stay clean.

Usually, however, an unkempt home is more accurately an underkept home. Homemakers don’t realize that, no matter how much work has already been put in, a clean home always requires more work. (See below.)

“My home is clean because I work hard”

Set yourself up for success with an efficiently laid out home, but also recognize that a clean home never happens without effort.

After coming home from work or putting the kids to bed, there is vacuuming, garbage collection, laundry, dusting, and more.

From “A” to “B”

In a catch-up stage of housekeeping, it is necessary to be (almost) constantly cleaning, either actively or inactively. A few pointers:

  • Every time you leave a room, carry something with you
  • Once finished with an item or a project, put it away (Easy to say, but may require thoughtful training to do)
  • Every day, get something “big” done, such as laundry, deep clean a room, etc.
  • Once you get an area caught up, add it to a list of things that should be brushed through every night.

What’s your perspective on a clean home? Answer the poll, and expand with a comment if you like!


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