The Week Before Visitors

Last week I posted a rare Saturday blog declaring the plan for  a week of cleaning as I anticipate the arrival of visitors. Here’s what actually happened:

Saturday: Aimlessly picking up a little here, a little there. And Christmas music. Lots of Christmas music. Yes, it’s early October, but second to pending visitors, nothing gets me in the mood to clean like thinking about holiday gatherings.

Sunday: A traditional day of rest, honored with a much needed nap!

Monday: Errands during the day, and laundry, dishes, clearing the sofa, and take out trash once the kids are in bed..

Tuesday: Women’s group in the morning (Mama’s gotta refresh!), sick kids in the afternoon. Once they’re down to bed and their clothes are in the wash, it’s more picking up in the living room, which is now semi-satisfactory. I’m still optimistic. Late night change of sheets (get well soon, kids!).

Wednesday: Cuddling with sick kids during the day, picking up during nap time, and errands at night. Then early to bed and set (big) plans for Thursday and Friday.

Thursday: I know I did something, but what did I do all day?! Some dishes and picking up in the kitchen, a toddler that won’t nap, and too much time online. Oops. But, when the power went out, I was able to find the flashlights and the phone number for the power company in the dark. Organization = survival!

Friday: Kids finally well = High gear! Kids room: done! Kitchen: Close enough… Just one pan soaking.

Saturday: “What? You won’t be here until noon? I guess that’s okay…” As we move a “few” things from the living room to the bedroom. Not quite what I had hoped, but everyone had room to sit, at least! The kids enjoyed their time with their grandparents, and I was able to relax quite a bit.


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