Priorities, Visitors, and Having a Plan

Nothing gets me motivated to clean like company. Especially when the company is someone who’s house is much cleaner than mine.

Unfortunately, with one week until the arrival of (okay, I’ll say it) my in-laws, the realist within me is saying “It’s never going to happen!” And then the optimist in me says, “You can do it! You just need a plan!” Then the pessimist mutters “…and a bulldozer.”

The first part of the plan is attitude. Stay hopeful, but realistic. I don’t expect to be scrubbing the baseboards before they arrive, but I don’t want them tripping over toys, clothes, and boxes on their way in the front door. Of course this is an exaggeration (or is it?)!

The next part of the plan is to not spend all my time making lists and setting plans. (This is the voice of experience talking.)

It’s also a good idea to avoid dumping everything in one room just to get it out of sight. You never know when someone else is going to see that room for one reason or another.

So what AM I going to do? Well…

  1. Evaluate trouble spots based on two criteria: Most necessary, and easiest. It’s not a matter of laziness, it’s a matter of setting myself up for the win.
  2. Pick one spot, and work until satisfactory, then move on to the next spot. Get a high level pick-up done of each spot (one by one), then get more detailed with the cleaning as time allows.
  3. Keep things together that have a similar destination, then take it all at once. This might be garbage/recycle, donation items, or things that need to be squeezed into the basement.
  4. Stop blogging, log out of Facebook, stay hydrated, and go!

Check here to see how it went 🙂


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