Posted in October 2012

Dichotomy of Clean

Dichotomy of Clean

On my quest for clean, I talk to a lot of people about what a clean home is and how to go about getting one. Most people fall into one of four two mindsets when it comes to cleanliness: Getting/keeping my home clean is too hard. I work hard to keep my home clean. Cleaning … Continue reading

The Week Before Visitors

Last week I posted a rare Saturday blog declaring the plan for  a week of cleaning as I anticipate the arrival of visitors. Here’s what actually happened: Saturday: Aimlessly picking up a little here, a little there. And Christmas music. Lots of Christmas music. Yes, it’s early October, but second to pending visitors, nothing gets … Continue reading

Priorities, Visitors, and Having a Plan

Nothing gets me motivated to clean like company. Especially when the company is someone who’s house is much cleaner than mine. Unfortunately, with one week until the arrival of (okay, I’ll say it) my in-laws, the realist within me is saying “It’s never going to happen!” And then the optimist in me says, “You can … Continue reading