Looking Back, Looking Forward

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, school has started, and it’s time to do some reflecting and looking forward. Coming off of the long, relaxing weekend is a good time to do this.

Growth Made:

  1. Dishes done nightly
  2. Better time management, utilization of nap time and bed time
  3. Knowing that I can get each room clean, and having a place for (almost) everything
  4. Better use of space
  5. Overcoming destructive mindsets
  6. Developing habits that keep some areas consistently clean
  7. Learning to purge

Growth Opportunities:

  1. Develop a cleaning schedule that I can stick with!
  2. Create paper-handling plan to keep it off the desk
  3. Keep promises to myself (including all those Pinterest projects I have materials for!)
  4. Keep out-of-season gadgets and clothes out of the way (fans, humidifiers, etc.)

The Vacation:
The main reason I’m not blogging on progress at home last week is because, well, we weren’t home much last week. A vacation feels so different when home is a little more organized! Here’s why:

  1. Without the dread of returning to a sink full of dishes, I can actually relax!
  2. Packing is more organized when clothes and toiletries are clean and/or put away
  3. Important things (beyond the children) aren’t forgotten when out-of-sight-out-of-mind kicks in
  4. An organized mindset means suitcases get unpacked faster

The Near Future:
Some things are hard to do when the weather is cold, so over the next few weeks, these tasks take precedence. Purging large (or large quantities of) donations or trash and cleaning that requires ventilation fall into this category, and will be the focus over the next few weeks. I’m also excited to be consigning at Just Between Friends for the first time at the end of the month.


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