The Kitchen Sink

My sink had gotten pretty gross. Food residue from both rinsing and soaking, scratch marks from dishes, and I had even found a centipede in my kitchen sink. Yuck! (There’s something about finding a centipede, especially in the kitchen, that makes me wonder how many I didn’t find.)

To clean the sink, I used:

  • Bar Keeper’s Friend (BKF) – about $1-2 at grocery stores, big box stores, or anywhere else
  • Damp paper towel(s)
  • Elbow grease

That’s it! (I thought I’d need that plastic scrubber, but the paper towel worked fine.)

  1. Make sure the sink is dry.
  2. Sprinkle BKF around the areas to clean.
    Image Image
  3. Rub with damp paper towel. Too much water will dissolve the BKF and it won’t work.
  4. Rinse sink and wash hands.

The drain stop was still not sparkling, and I didn’t feel like scrubbing its tiny curves, so I threw it in a bag with vinegar and warm water, propped it up in an old flower pot, and let it soak for a few hours. At this point I just wiped it down and the remaining crud came off easily and left a shine. Hooray for clean sinks!



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