Clean Begins in the: Kitchen

You can tell what kind of day I had by looking at the kitchen.

If the kitchen is clean and orderly, It’s been an orderly, productive kind of day.

If the kitchen is a little “busy”, I had a pretty good day, but with some needed rest.

If the table is piled up, the dirty dishes have overflown the sink, and food remnants litter the floor, call a baby-sitter and take me out to dinner!

Some careful observation has taught me that, for me, a successful day starts with a clean kitchen. Making sure that the table is wiped down, dishes are washed, and the sink and stove are clean before going to bed each night gives me a peaceful start the next day, and frees me up to get other things done during the day. It’s hard for me to focus on other things with a looming mess in the kitchen.

Author and blogger Mindy Starns Clark (The House That Cleans Itself) calls this my Home Base Zone (HBZ), and different people have different HBZs. It’s that one spot in your home that sets your day. For me it’s the kitchen, but for you it might be a bathroom, the bed sheets, your desk, etc. If it’s in great shape, so is your day. If it’s a disaster, so is your day. There’s a weird connection between that spot in the home and my emotional “togetherness.”

For more on cleaning the sink, including the “before” pictures, check here.

So, for me, clean begins in the kitchen, and rule number one is to keep the kitchen clean. What’s the spot in your home that sets the tone for your day? I recommend putting that other stuff on hold (within reason) while you get your kitchen (or other special place)a REALLY CLEAN!


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