Socks: The Laundry Nemesis

I don’t know of many people who list socks as their favorite part of laundry: sorting, matching, folding, and especially the dreaded missing sock. Even worse are baby and toddler socks!

Let me first say this: I will not wash baby or toddler socks without a lingerie bag. Put them in as pairs, close the bag, then wash and dry as normal. No tiny socks lost in the washer or dryer! (I paid less than $2 for mine at a big box store.)

Lately, baby and toddler socks have all found their way into one yellow basket. Corralled into one place? Yes. Paired? Partially. Sorted by size? Not a chance! This weekend I re-purposed a grey set of drawers that was holding out-of-date catalogs by moving it into the girls’ room, and today I attacked the sock basket, matched as many socks as I could, put current sizes in the drawers (one sock drawer per kid), and sorted, bagged, and labeled all others. I have a few matchless socks, which are loose in the basket, patiently awaiting their partner.


When matching socks, I like to slide one inside the other rather than fold, because they are so tiny and I don’t want to stretch the elastic more than I have to!


Side note: I have toddler underwear in the top drawer, baby socks/tights in the second, toddler socks/tights in the third, and the bottom three are currently unassigned. Please comment with your suggestions!

Another side note: I got the socks folded, sorted, and labeled while my kids played… in the same room with me! YES!


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