This Week’s Focus: Maximizing Nap Time

Within the past six months or so, each room of my home has been clean. (That says a lot, doesn’t it?) I know that it’s possible for each room to be clean, now I want them all clean… at the same time! It’s been hot, my kids have been active (Baby started crawling three weeks ago), and we have a busy summer schedule like everyone else.

Mom Challenge: Both kids are very active and very curious, and they take turns waking each other up at nap time.

Two solutions:

  1. Set up the Pack ‘n’ Play in a separate room so the kids sleep separately and simultaneously.
  2. Get work done before the kids wake up and after they go to bed (with help)

So instead kids, here’s who I spent nap time with:

This new set up is working well. Both kids (behind closed doors) slept through the vacuum cleaner, and when they wake up they play quietly by themselves in their respective beds.
This week’s focus is catching up everything except these two  bedrooms.
  1. Keep up dishes
  2. Put away small appliances
  3. Wipe down counters, sweep, mop
  4. Scrub sink


  1. Clear and wipe down surfaces
  2. Wash towels, rugs
  3. Sweep, mop

Living Room:

  1. Clear desk
  2. Clear sofa
  3. Move filing to filing box (to be filed later)
  4. Clear out corner by desk
  5. Put away humidifier (Seriously, why is that still out, anyway?)
  6. Install extra car seat in van

It looks like a huge list, but most of it is upkeep now. Six months ago, even this didn’t seem possible.


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