This Week’s Focus: De-Clutter

Heat. Humidity. Busyness. Broken down car.

Excuses: Abundant! Home: Disaster!

We have come a very long way! We have un-cluttered and re-cluttered. We aren’t as messy as we used to be, but the mess we’ve accumulated bugs us, and we know how to get out of it. Hooray! Now, we need to DO it! The heat will make it a challenge, because I’d much rather be in a swimming pool or air-conditioned shopping mall (buying things I shouldn’t). So, here we go!

This Week’s Focus: De-Clutter.

  1. Clean laundry put away
  2. Kitchen table cleared and cleaned
  3. Catch up dishes
  4. Clear sofa
  5. Clear end tables
  6. Clear desk
  7. Put to-be-filed boxes back.

Here’s a habit we need to establish: Finish what you start, and then put away the tools!

This is why we are swimming in fabric scraps and paint, half-filled notebooks and unfolded laundry. It’s easier than it sounds, I just need to remember to do it!

(No pictures this week, unless I upload them later. My camera cord is lost in the  clutter!)


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