Back to Basics

Musicians have scales, dancers have positions, singers have solfege, and I have dishes, laundry, and toy pick-up. The life of a mom is a glamorous one, for sure!

It can be hard to be forward-focused when the kitchen sink feels like a really bad game of Tetris, but much like the musician must practice his foundational scales before he can play a minuet, I need to learn the “foundational” skills of keeping up with life’s everyday activities if I ever hope to have harmony at home!

With frequent visitors last week, the days found me busy and evenings found me exhausted. Dishes piled up, garbage needs to be taken out, and the list goes on. But herein lies progress: the sofa is still clean and I’m annoyed with the fact that life’s other pile-ups have gotten this far. Also, these same pile-ups should be gone with one day of concentrated catch-up.

Hmmm… concentration. With a toddler and an infant. Aren’t those mutually exclusive? Not if I’m armed with ample diversions!

(I’m trying a new camera with easier upload, but I’m not sure about the quality yet)

This Week’s Focus: The Basics

  1. Wash Dishes. (Put them away.)
  2. Put away laundry
  3. Pick up the floors
  4. Put away the papers that have re-found their way to the desk and end tables

Infant Diversions: 

  1. Johnny Jump-Up
  2. Tummy Time
  3. Nap time
  4. Swing

Toddler Diversions: (since eight-hour naps just aren’t practical)

  1. Puzzles
  2. Coloring
  3. Chalk (with supervision, on the patio, just outside living room)
  4. Snack time
  5. Nap time
  6. Cartoons (if I’m really desperate)
  7. Put her to work!

Here we go!


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