Out With the Old; In With… Nothing!)

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy got to tap her ruby slippers and thrice say, “There’s no place like home.” Me, I get to tap my sneakers in the grocery store and say, “Buy less, use more. Buy less, use more. Buy less, use more.” But remembering last week’s revelation, we are seeing the fruits of this lifestyle in a cleaner, more peaceful home!

This week’s progress:

  1. Employment of Taste of Home’s Advanced Recipe Search allows me to enter ingredients I have or don’t have, helping me use food on hand to make meals.
  2. A lined diaper box collects donations, and a bag was dropped off yesterday
  3. Food donations were taken to the church (all this and a box of Cheerios!)
  4. The desk has been cleared and most of its contents either shredded or recycled (and the desk looks beautiful!).

With company coming this weekend, we won’t start another big project. Rather, we’ll be wrapping up loose ends, resting, enjoying our company, and basking in the progress made in our most visible rooms. After our literal “staycation,” we will tackle the closets and the bedroom, and from there forward, housekeeping will mostly be maintenance (experienced and more qualified homemakers, that was your cue to laugh).

This Week’s Focus: Details

  1. Continue using up food in kitchen, alternating fresh with canned/frozen on hand.
  2. Dusting, cleaning windows, vacuuming, etc. (“normal” cleaning)
  3. Put away old, unused computer and replace with sewing machine that I want to use.
  4. Get kitchen, living room, and bathroom “sparkling.”
  5. Find more donations
 I’m so excited to see progress, and to know it won’t be long before “No place like home” will be a POSITIVE thing!

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