The Great Revelation: Giving Away, Using Up, and Tossing Out

This week, I had a great revelation: Success comes when input and output have the proper relationship!

To lose weight, stop consuming more calories than you burn.

To get out of debt, stop spending more than you make.

To get out of a mess, stop bringing in more than you give, use, or throw out. Sounds simple enough, right?

With that said, this week’s focus is to give away, use up, and throw out!

This Week’s Focus: Increase Output

  1. Take food inventory and cook from the pantry and freezer. Get creative, and purchase only perishable foods (i.e. milk)
  2. Donate some non-perishable food items
  3. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  4. Designate a spot for outgoing correspondence (letters, stamps, invitations, etc.) and start sending mail
  5. Box up clothes, put them in the car, and drop them off (destination TBD)

Update on Last Week’s Focus:

Everything on the weekly focus list has been completed, although changing the sheets and catching up the laundry took an extra day beyond my goal.

The kids’ room IS sparkling, but that task consumed all of my “babysitter” time. The other things on the list became nap time tasks. (On a side note, this room is clean at the end of every day. Funny how something becomes a priority once you spend money on it!)

Clothes are boxed, and some went to the basement while others are waiting by the door ready to move out.

The desk is still a mess, but I made a dent in the pile of papers!


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