This Week’s Focus: Recovery!

My last post never made it to the press, mostly because we’ve been SO BUSY! With last Sunday being Easter, our family has been heavily involved in the church musical, which came to an end. We’ve also started potty training, and bumped my toddler into the next size clothing (which means shifting the closets). It’s been a few weeks of eating on the run (aka drive-thru) and foraging through the clean laundry to find matching socks. With that said, this week’s focus is recovering from a crazy, crazy season!

This Week’s Focus: Recovery

1. Catch up dishes (already done)

2. Clear off kitchen table (second verse, same as the first!)
3. Put away clean laundry

4. Catch up dirty laundry
5. Pick up kids’ room (half done)
6. Change bed sheets
7. Pack for (much-needed) road trip


My toddler is obsessed with my neighbor, who has some time off work in the next few weeks. She needs to supplement lost income, and I could use some uninterrupted time, so I think I have a win-win situation! (We frequently trade baby-sitting to cut costs, but I think If I’m paying for this kid-free time, I’ll be more productive.)

Kid-Free Focus:

  1. Box up all clothes not being used, take to basement
  2. Get kids’ room sparkling
  3. Clear off the desk, filing or recycling mail and putting away paraphernalia
  4. Safely contain all progress (out of the reach of my tall, curious toddler)

Check back next week to see how I fared!


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