This Week’s Focus: The Kitchen

Last week’s focus was the kitchen, and after finishing the items on my focus sheet, I put a big, satisfying X through the list. Done. But then, Friday happened! The fridge and pantry filled with groceries and overflowed onto the kitchen table (among other things, note the baby doll), and we had a few dishes re-accumulate with the busyness.


A new week has since arrived. I had planned to focus on the living room next, but quickly realized I need more practice with habits that keep the mess out of the kitchen. So I am foregoing the living room for one more week, hoping that I can retrain my kitchen and the people that use it to avoid future pile-ups!

This Week’s Focus: Kitchen

  1. Clear the kitchen table (again)
  2. Keep up with dishes
  3. Bake those cookies (I mixed the dry ingredients, just need to finish the batter and bake)
  4. Sweep daily
  5. Wipe off stove
  6. Buy a quick-use mop (i.e. Swiffer with wet pads)
By some time Thursday, I had everything done except cookies baked and buying a mop, and spent the remaining days (as suggested in last week’s post) practicing the habits to keep the kitchen clean (washing dishes, sweeping, clearing the table).
This Week’s Lessons:
  1. Keeping up daily means that one day’s worth of work is never as bad a it looks, and
  2. By forcing myself to wait on the next project, I’m actually (gasp) excited to start on it, even though it seemed so tedious before!

Bonus Tip:

If your cookbooks are too tall for a bookshelf, turn them sideways and write their title (or a shortened title that makes sense to you) on the edge with permanent marker.


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