Choosing a Weekly Focus

Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down by the big picture. I start gathering dishes to wash and notice that Hannah’s pajamas never made it to the hamper. You know the routine… one thing leads to another, and the everything gets rearranged but never cleaned.

For this reason, I created a Weekly Focus Worksheet for my home management binder. General upkeep does need to be done daily, but when I notice a more daunting task, I jot it down on my WF sheet, and give myself permission to overlook it until that task gets its turn. When you move a thought from your head to paper, it seems to de-clutter your brain to focus on other things. The edge of the sheet tears off to insert in the outside edge of my binder, which serves as a visual reminder of this week’s focus.

If you don’t finish by the end of the week, keep that focus for the next week until you FINISH. If you finish early, spend the rest of the week practicing the habits necessary to keep that room in order. It helps (me, at least) to breathe between tasks and start a new task with a new week.

For a home like mine that needs a lot of help, focus on one room at a time.

If you’re better off than I am, focus on general categories: Maintenance (i.e. painting, scrub floor boards, change batteries), Donations (toys, clothes, food pantry), etc.

Keep posted in future blogs and I’ll show you my progress as I walk it out!


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