Safety Is Whose Responsibility?

I’m diverting from my usual homemaking topics to share concerning gas station story with you. Sorry it’s a bit long!

The Gas Station Experience


At the gas station tonight, a car pulled in to the pump behind me and left the engine was running. She was about to start pumping gas. I’ve never even been tempted to pump gas with the engine running before, because that concept seems to have the “risk of explosion” written all over it.

I decided this “risk of explosion” might be worth mentioning. The woman explained that she “always does this,” so I thought there must be something I don’t know about her car and let it go.

I was still a bit puzzled by the risk-oblivious woman, so I mentioned it to the cashier, who admitted, “It happens all the time… I finally quit saying anything to people, because they look at you like you’re crazy every time.” So apparently, I wasn’t wrong about the risk.

So What?

I came away from this experience with two reminders:

1) Many people in this world do things because that’s what they’ve always done and always without consequence. However (and it’s a BIG however), the fact that they’ve done it before without consequence does not make it safe or healthy!

2) I may not have been familiar enough with the mechanisms of the stranger’s car to know whether or not she could safely pump gas with the engine running, but I am familiar with the “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” (also known as the B.I.B.L.E.), and it clearly lays out whether certain choices are safe and healthy, both physically and spiritually.

When someone is endangering themselves and others as the woman at the gas station was doing, do we have a responsibility to speak up? I think we do! But not in a condemning, hateful way… it should be with the attitude of love and concern for the person’s well-being (which is where, sadly, Christians have gone wrong in a lot of ways). You know, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t take chances with your life and mine,” not “Hey, you’re an idiot, you don’t deserve to pump gas!”


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