Posted in December 2011

Keeping Promises and Resolutions

What? Christmas is in December this year? With a baby due (and born) on December 5, I was determined to have my Christmas shopping done, wrapped, and ready to ship by Thanksgiving. Why, then, do I have Christmas sewing still waiting to be ironed and put together to mail it out? The realization has come, … Continue reading

Okay, NOW where did you put my keys?

My Keys are Lost… Again “I need to stop letting my toddler play with my keys,” I told myself. I knew she had been playing them, but had no idea where she put them. Nap time approached and I was still turning the apartment upside down in my search-and-rescue effort, so the shopping trip was … Continue reading

Help! I forgot to plan for dinner!

The Trap The phone rings, and it’s my husband on his way home from work. “What’s for dinner,” he inevitably asks. “Ummm… how about eating out tonight?” After a long, hard day of work or play, 4:00 always come around sooner than I expect it to. This is when it is tempting just run through … Continue reading