Are we there yet?

Road Trips

I’m so thankful that my toddler hasn’t developed too much of a vocabulary yet, because it will only be a matter of time before she starts asking, “Are we there yet,” as soon as we’ve finished loading the car and turned on the engine for the long ride to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. She’s really quite well behaved for long journeys, especially if I keep her awake long enough before we leave, and she can sleep for the majority of the drive. Longer trips, however, are naturally more taxing on her patience, and even without a mastery of English, I can tell by her squirms and shrieks that she is ready to get out and stretch her legs, or ideally to call “here” our destination.

My Personal Journey to Becoming a Homemaker

When I first left my work as a substitute teacher to be a stay-at-home mom, I thought for sure I would “arrive” as a perfect homemaker in a matter of days, but that hasn’t been the case. It feels more like I’ve just left home and am stuck in Chicago road construction. In my journey toward being a better homemaker, I want to be at my destination, not a gas station or rest stop, and certainly not caught up in a long line of cars wondering what the hold up is and when we’ll get past it. At least I know I won’t get pulled over for speeding…

Road Map to Perfection, er, Improvement

At the onset, I know this is going to be a long trip, but my scope has definitely been clarified as time has passed. This will probably be a long and arduous trip as I learn better ways and habits, but the most important step is the first one, right? So I start with the following goals:

  • shrinking and keeping the budget
  • boosting a side income
  • organizing and cleaning the home
  • keeping my family healthy, happy, and fed
  • managing the flow of the household and my time
  • bringing in an appropriate support team when necessary

Hitchhikers Welcome

In some ways, bringing readers along on my journey is a lot safer than picking up any ordinary hitchhiker. In other ways, though, it can be a lot more risky. Either way, you are welcome to join me for the whole ride or jump in and out at any point you like. Feel free to check back each Thursday as I share what I learn, and even take these challenges with me!

  • Budget and Cash Flow (first Thursday)
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning (second Thursday)
  • Housekeeping and Organization (third Thursday)
  • Time Management (fourth Thursday)
  • Bonus book review (fifth Thursday)

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