Why I’m Giving Away Kids’ Clothes

Most people hold on to clothes “in case we need them again.” With two girls, sixteen months apart, we knew early on that we would need those girls’ clothes again in the near future. In fact, i don’t even take the “in between” size out of the closet and dresser, I just put them in between the … Continue reading

But I Just Cleaned That!

I spent the entirety of nap time in the kitchen yesterday. I made two loaves of banana bread (which takes virtually the same amount of time as baking one), and washed the dishes and cleaned the counters while they baked. My feet hurt by the time I was done, but the sight of the clean … Continue reading

Letting Go of Ideals

The doorbell rings, and the mail carrier has dropped a package at my doorstep. So I sort through the mail (it’s grocery ad day!) and find something addressed to my neighbor. The mail carrier hasn’t left my curb yet, so I’m within her line of sight as I stick the envelope in my neighbor’s box. (We’re … Continue reading

Considering Others First

As the weather turns cold, my thoughts jump (as in Neil Armstrong’s “One giant leap for mankind”) to Christmas. And Christmas decorating. And they’re reeled back in by the mess at home. Then the mess and the thoughts of Christmas around the corner convert to motivation to clean so I can decorate. Did you follow … Continue reading

Homeschooling Week Two

Ugh. Double Ugh. We’ve started homeschooling. Don’t my “ughs” confuse you, the kids are actually doing quite well. We just have a lot going on right now. Oh, and that week one routine? Out the window on day one. Well, sort of. We’re still finding a routine that works for everyone, including my sobbing, eye-rubbing, … Continue reading

Homeschool Routines

I promised myself in the last post that the routines for homeschool would be broad. Not a list of forty-nine things to accomplish by noon. So here it is. The Monday-through-Friday, week one routine. One: Morning routines for the house (get dressed, use bathroom, help unload the dishwasher, eat breakfast). Two: Coloring page (or worksheet) … Continue reading

Homeschool Journey Begins

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned or not, but my oldest child turned four this summer, and we’ve declared this year a trial run of homeschooling preschool. First, because 4K is optional, and second, because the curriculum is one I can easily handle. Plus, there’s a whole lot of hands on learning, so I can makes sure … Continue reading

7×7 Day Twenty-One: Moving Forward

Seven By Seven: Complete (enough) Today marks 3 weeks of seven things by “7:00am” (give or take a number of hours).  The 7-item routine is coming very smoothly now, minus occasional laziness surrounding dinner (though I’ve declared, “Leftovers for dinner tonight!” a few times, we’ve actually eaten at home every day for 3 weeks). New … Continue reading

7×7 Day Eighteen: Breakthrough!

It’s a  long-held belief of mine that discipline breeds desire. How many necessary things do we avoid in the day because we “don’t want to?” Too many! From exercise to forgiveness, anything is hard to do and harder to want to if we aren’t used to doing it. But if we wait until we “want to,” … Continue reading

7×7 Days Fifteen and Sixteen

It crossed my mind to break these up into two posts and pretend I didn’t miss two days in a row, but I’m just not that kind of person. Day 15 was State Fair day. Wanting to get an early start, I got through the list by about 9am, including dinner in the slow cooker. … Continue reading